At Delta Global Investment Services, our leadership team has over 40 years of investment experience working with multinational organizations to ensure their global, regional and local plans (Retirement/Savings plans, International Pension Plans (IPP), International Savings Plans (ISP), Third Country Nationals (TCNs), etc.) offer employees a competitive savings vehicle that is flexible to meet the needs of a diverse, global workforce. Our goal is to provide your company and your employees with the tools necessary to have a successful global plan. We believe that in an increasingly competitive environment, multinational companies strive to continuously improve their benefit plans for their international workforce.

For years, we have been a strong proponent of more transparent and complete fee disclosures. We deliver transparent options to both plan sponsors and participants.

Fee Transparency

Evaluating plan fees requires plan sponsors to understand the services they are receiving and the costs associated with each of them.  It is critical that expenses are transparent (i.e. well disclosed and easy to understand) and prudently applied to members.  Any “direct”, “indirect” or “revenue-sharing” arrangement between your plan administrator and fund companies should be disclosed along with communicating plan fees to participants. Historically fee structures lack clarity, adequate disclosure or both.

Plan Investment Options

The plan investment menu should not have proprietary fund restrictions as these restrictions favor and automatically force contributions into a single or group of investments by offering hidden incentives or investment revenue, regardless of investment merit. All funds should be monitored to ensure they remain competitive during the life of the plan. Our investment platform  offers replacement options if a fund change is warranted due to underperformance, manager turnover, style drift, etc. We partner with your company and employees to ensure an open architecture menu is utilized offering ‘best of breed’ funds while minimizing fund expenses.

We will help guide your fiduciary committee through the process of ensuring plan fees and investments meet all stated criteria. As retirement plan sponsors, you have the obligation to manage global plans with the employee’s best interests in mind to avoid mistakes, penalties and potential legal action. 

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